Saturday, March 9, 2013

Groovy Crochet

A Retro Skirt for Cass

Truth - Cass could use some more dresses/skirts. Consequence - time to get busy!
In my search to find a pattern, I found myself at a very cool site - a blast from the past!

Quick - 
Who from the Delaware Valley area remembers... (?)

If you've got a passion for fashion,
you've got a craving for saving,
take the wheel of your automobile
and swing on down to... 

It's from a TV commercial in the early 70's for a south Jersey department store.
Picture several fashionably dressed ladies walking in a park, the fountain spurting into the air, and beautiful smiles on everyone's faces. I just loved when those ladies came onto the screen. It's one of those things that I'll NEVER forget. Recently I went to YouTube and found the jingle... it's since been the ring tone for my cell.

Back to the very cool site... 
There are such wonderful crocheted items there. Whether you could use some inspiration for a groovy project or you just want to take a trip in the Wayback machine,
check out this site  -----}  Groovy Crochet 

It'll have you "feelin' groo-vyyyyy... la la la la la la la"

The finished skirt using the "shell skirt & 
scarf pattern" by McCall's (1971)


  1. Raina, only you could find this site, okay to cool... Love Cassie's skirt post a picture with her in it. Brings back fond memories of making a huge bag of grannie squares finally gave away drove me crazy putting together. Love to all from Aunt Linda - who will be going to physical therapy 3 times a week for next 3 weeks in hopes of fixing shoulder/arm/hand issues. Ugh!!

  2. I've used this site before, i made my mom a vest a few years back. The skirt is really cute - great work!


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